Post-graduate position at the KIT Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering

With the support of the Peter and Luise Hager Foundation, a post-graduate position in the area of Energy and Environment Technology was established in 2015 at the Institut für Mikroverfahrenstechnik (IMVT) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

The “Green synthetic fuels via ‘Power to Fuels’ – Process integration for compact modular plant” post-graduate position is closely linked to the scientific activities conducted by the KIT in the Helmholtz programme entitled “Storage and cross-linked infrastructures” and conducted within the framework of the “Energy System 2050” Helmholtz Initiative.

The project focuses on the production of synthetic fuels from renewable electric energy and carbon dioxide via the process route of integrated Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and hydrocracking, whereby industrial waste gases or air could act as sources of carbon dioxide, for example. The goal is to expand understanding of the integrated process in order to derive optimal operating conditions in terms of the quality of synthetic fuels.


Photo: PhD student Hannah Kirsch researches the manufacture of synthetic fuels from renewable electric energy and carbon dioxide (photo rights: IMVT / KIT)

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