A new perspective for eight Brazilian students in France

To give a significant contribution towards combating youth unemployment: This is the main purpose that drives the Project Perspectiva, sponsored and managed by Peter-und-Luise-Hager Foundation.

After three successful editions in Germany, in which partner companies welcomed Spanish graduates for six-month internships, the Perspectiva Project crossed oceans towards Brazil. The country presents a 30% rate of youth unemployment, according to statistics portal Statista.

For a life-changing opportunity to selected Brazilian youth, 8 graduates from the University of Sao Paulo disembarked in Alsace for a six-month stay in January. Aside from their internships in partner companies – Hager Group, BNP Paribas, Electricité de Strasbourg and L’Alsacienne de Restauration – the young students also attend French lessons and participate in initiatives to become familiar with the European job market as well as the French culture.

As a first integration activity, the students were invited to a guided tour at the Hager Forum and the factories in Obernai on March 22nd. The tutors Sandrine Schaeffner (HR at BNP Paribas), Ana Maria Arteaga (HR Hager Group) and Mélanie Rigato-Bourg (Supply Chain – Hager Group) also participated. Besides learning more about Hager Group’s history, the encounter also provided an opportunity for a first feedback session between the students and tutors:

“It’s true that it takes time from us, they are learning the language, but it’s worth it. I see Ismael’s development day after day and he’s taking the role of a leader in his mission.” (Ana Maria Arteaga, Ismael’s tutor).

“This is a dream come true to me. I’m learning something new each day, adding value to my personal and professional growth.” (Julia Zaniolo, intern at Marketing Dept. Hager Group)

The Project Perspectiva France-Brazil is led by Denis Munch, Head of Sustainable Development for Hager Group and member of Peter-und-Luise-Hager Foundation. This edition is developed in partnership with ABC NGOrganization, led by Ricardo Da Villa and the University of Sao Paulo, represented by Professor Kavita Hamsa. The volunteer work group consists of Alessandra Pinto, Communications Project Manager for MENEAT, Amanda Veras, Operational Manager at Hager Forum, and Armelle Quentel, HR Development Manager at Hager Group.

Participating students:

Andressa Beltrao – Supply Chain Dept., Hager Group
Andreza Silva – Finance Dept., Hager Group
Caique Santana Dos Santos – Finance Dept., Elecricité de Strasbourg
Felipe Avelino – Controlling Dept., Hager Group
Gabriela Pereira de Andrade – Finance, BNP Paribas
Igor Nossi – Business Administration Dept., L’Alsacienne de Restauration
Ismael Henrique – RH Dept., Hager Group
Julia Zaniolo – Marketing Dept., Hager Group


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