Our contribution towards combating youth unemployment in Spain

Our "Perspectiva" project is directed towards young people in Spain who are on the threshold of their working lives and wish to gain experience in a company in Germany. As the name suggests, we give job seekers a specific perspective for building a secure future in Germany or in their home country.

Some conditions need to be met in order to participate in this Foundation programme. We only select candidates aged between 18 and 28 who are unemployed and therefore without any perspective of obtaining a job in Spain. As they are to work in a technical or commercial profession in Germany, completed vocational training or a university degree (Bachelor or Master) in this area is another prerequisite, as are basic German language skills (level A2-B1). 

Most candidates are sociable and open for a new culture. But they must also be willing to learn the German language and be prepared to spend an extended period of time in a foreign country.

In return, the Peter-und-Luise-Hager Foundation organises a six-month internship and an intensive German language course. It goes without saying that the Foundation sponsors also assume personal responsibility for each individual Spanish intern. Accordingly, they receive specific support in finding accommodation in Germany as well as obtaining permanent employment on conclusion of the programme.

Intensive support also includes regular meetings during which the participants can discuss what they have experienced and learned, and plan excursions to surrounding regions. This makes it easier for the interns to develop a network including former participants in the Perspectiva project.

Ramon Casas participated in the first Perspectiva project.

Ramon is 26 years old and comes from Terrassa, a town near Barcelona in Catalonia. Like many other candidates in the project, he is a university graduate. Ramon is a qualified engineer. He studied for five years, one of which was spent in Italy.

Despite these qualifications, there was very little chance of him being able to work in his specific profession in Spain. Ramon admits that it was not easy for him to leave Spain.

"At first, I really didn't want to come to Germany. I couldn't speak the language and the weather here is the total opposite to sunny Spain. Fortunately, we received so much help from all of the organisers of the project. as such, we soon felt at home and everything was so much easier for us."

His expectations for his time spent in Germany were definitely realistic. He wanted to acquire professional experience in a qualified company. Today, he has a full-time job in Germany. And the original plan of staying six months has been extended to seventeen months so far.

Nevertheless, he misses the Spanish way of life, the somewhat warmer weather and surfing near his home, yet inspite of this there are some typical German characteristics which appeal to him.

"The Germans are quieter, more domesticated, polite, economical and more direct than us Spanish. That's the good thing about another country – you learn something new every day."

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