The Folsterhöhe is a high-rise settlement on the outskirts of Saarbrücken, near the French border, with a high proportion of socially disadvantaged residents.

Especially for children and adolescents from socially disadvantaged families or families with a migration background, it is enormously important to create offers that can be used by everyone. The Judo Club Folsterhoehe 1999 e.V. aims to integrate these children and young people into the club, to arouse their interest in sports - including judo - and various other activities.

The people behind the club support the young boys and girls in finding and developing their personal interests and abilities together with others to assume social responsibility and commitment.

The motto of the Judo-Club Folsterhöhe is:

"You are born to be successful. Nobody can prevent you from being successful but yourself."

Every cent counts – a successful employee project

There are projects which have not been initiated by the Foundation or those in need but rather by employees within Hager Group. The employee ‘cent donation’ is a good example. All sums donated by hundreds of German and French Hager Group employees – where every cent does in fact count – are more than doubled by the Foundation. All German and French Hager Group employees have the opportunity to donate the cents after the decimal point of their monthly salary. This amount is doubled by the Foundation.

Training volunteers in grief counselling

JALMALV e.V., Strasbourg – Jusqu’à la mort accompagner la vie – Helping people at the end of their lives. We all know that death and the grief it brings are part of our lives. Yet it is still difficult for people and especially for those immediately involved to deal with being confronted by the death of a loved one.

Social activities

Social projects are funded by the Foundation in the form of various activities.
From supporting individuals who have accidentally fallen on hard times to swift and specific disaster aid, the agenda also features long-term development projects as well as sponsorships for children, adolescents, the elderly or disabled.

Other projects

  • DRK Ortsverband Blieskastel
  • Naptu-Indienhilfe e.V.
  • Ronald McDonald House in Homburg
  • Ligue contre le cancer
  • Caritas Elsass
  • @fire Internationaler Katastrophenschutz
  • Secours catholique – Caritas Alsace
  • Cœurs vers Corps
  • SOS Kinderhilfe Uganda e.V.
  • Refugee projects


Peter und Luise Hager Foundation
Kamila Banasiak
Zum Gunterstal
66440 Blieskastel


We would be delighted to receive donations towards our current or future projects
If you wish to find out more about how you can lend some financial support, please mail to

Thank you very much for your support!

IBAN: DE61 2012 0100 1000 4855 00    BIC: WBWCDEHHXXX

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