Social projects are funded by the Foundation in the form of various activities. 
From supporting individuals who have accidentally fallen on hard times to swift and specific disaster aid, the agenda also features long-term development projects as well as sponsorships for children, adolescents, the elderly or disabled.

Every cent counts – a successful employee project

There are projects which have not been initiated by the Foundation or those in need but rather by employees within Hager Group. The employee ‘cent donation’ is a good example. All sums donated by hundreds of German and French Hager Group employees – where every cent does in fact count – are more than doubled by the Foundation. All German and French Hager Group employees have the opportunity to donate the cents after the decimal point of their monthly salary. This amount is doubled by the Foundation.

Training volunteers in grief counselling

JALMALV e.V., Strasbourg – Jusqu’à la mort accompagner la vie – Helping people at the end of their lives. We all know that death and the grief it brings are part of our lives. Yet it is still difficult for people and especially for those immediately involved to deal with being confronted by the death of a loved one.

Professional optical care training for medical students from Mozambique in Tanzania

In Tanzania, we support a project promoting eye health in co-operation with "Light for the world", an international professional organisation campaigning for eye patients, the blind and people with other disabilities in poverty-stricken regions around the world.

Europe's largest competence centre for children with cancer in Utrecht, Netherlands

Since 2018, the Prinses Máxima Centrum in Utrecht, Netherlands has been Europe's largest competence center for children with cancer, initiated by patients and leading pediatric professionals.

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