The Management Board
Evi Hager (Chair of the Board)
Oswald Bubel (Deputy Chair of the Board)
Susanne Trockle










The Foundation Board
Daniel Hager (Chair)
Ulrich Holzer (Deputy Chair)
Luise Hager (honorary member)
Gabriela Gross
Dr. Hermann Embacher
Dr. Dietmar Franke
Peter Hager
Denis Munch

Details on Foundation work can be found in our Statutes. (Download)

The Peter und Luise Hager Foundation concentrates on developing, supporting and implementing its own projects.

More than a mere will to help is required. Professionalism and responsible handling of Foundation resources guarantee that assistance is provided exactly where it is required. We do not wish to scatter resources thinly but rather provide support where we can evaluate the results ourselves.

The Peter und Luise Hager Foundation concentrates on the following five areas, which also reflect the philosophy of Hager Group:

  • Education and learning
  • Science and research
  • Art and culture
  • Environmental protection
  • Social activities

As boundaries often merge between the individual areas, we don't think in stereotypes but rather consider the people we can help.

The joy of starting something meaningful.

It all started with an idea. What if Hager Group was to do something charitable? What if we were to bundle our forces for the society with and from which we live.

Thus was born the idea of the Peter und Luise Hager-Foundation. Once some Hager companies had made the decision and paid in the corresponding capital in December 2010, our Foundation was able to commence its work.

Having a good idea is one thing. Forming it into a successful initiative however is another. 

Based on the values - solidarity, public spirit, sustainability, authenticity and humanity - we started off taking appropriately small steps, only to approach increasingly larger and more international projects as time went by. Our Foundation is currently supporting around 50 projects, including many which we initiated ourselves, and have filled with life. It has shown us how much our own lives are enriched by doing something for others. And we are tremendously proud of its success.

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